It's almost that time!

Here is a little sneak peak at what is in store for you during this Trick or Treat season with The Halloween Toddleedoo Hunt!  The stores in red currently do not have their hunt item out.  Please check back for updates or join the in world group.


Store #01
Hint: Wow these plants sure can grow!

Store #02
Hint: I thought they ate leaves, not pumpkins.

Store #03
Hint: Don't worry baby, I gatcha!

Store #04

Store #05
Hint: I think this is where you go to go upstairs.

Store #06
Hint: I look a bit shy, hiding behind my mommy.

Store #07
Nightmare Designs

Store #08
Hint: Before we go let's pack our suitcase.

Store #09
Hint: Where the Beast resides.

Store #10
Hint: Maybe I dropped my napkin under here.

Store #11
Hint: Where else would a pumpkin be?....... in the garden next to the troll.

Store #12
Hint: It's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring.

Store #13
Hint: Are you proud?

Store #14
Hint: 40 days & 40 Nights did it rain children..

Store #15
Hint: Scarey monsters getting you down? You'll be safer if you climb to higher ground!

Say hello to your Halloween Toddleedoo Hunt Vendors!

How excited is everyone to get their hunt on for this year's Halloween Toddleedoo Hunt?  I know I am super excited and let me tell you there are some amazing stores this round.  Make sure you check them out while you are hunting because there is so much to offer from these designers that you will want to shop while you are there.  Now without further adieu here is your hunt lineup ...

Halloween Toddleedoo Hunt

Yes ... it starts in just a couple days!  Are you ready?  I know we sure are and the designers this round are amazing and have something spooktacular in store for you.  Keep your eyes peeled for previews of all the goodies you will get this Halloween!

<3 Sprinkle

Say hello to your hunt vendors!

Just Around The Corner

That's right!  The Summer Toddleedoo Hunt is right around the corner.  I know this hunt is very small, but hopefully the next will be much larger.  Hints and photos to follow soon.

Just For Kids Hunts is around the corner!  Do you own a kid store?  Do you make Toddleedoo clothing or items? Would you like to get your name out there?  Then this is the hunt for you.  A hunt just for kids!!!  If you are interested in being in the upcoming hunt please read the rules below and follow the instructions on how to apply.

* All stores must be contain Toddleedoo products of some sort.
* All stores must be on either a PG or Mature sim.  If on a Mature sim it must be accessible to kids.
* No mall stores unless you are able to set your landing point to outside your store.

If you feel you meet those requirements and want to apply please copy and paste the following into a new note card named ... JFKH - The Summer Toddleedoo Hunt - Store Name

*** Start Copying Here ***

- SL Name: 
- SL DOB: 
- Store Name: 
- What your store sells: 
- Hunt Item: 
- Textures of item:
- Store logo:
- Landmark: 
- Slurl: 

*** Stop Copying Here ***

Please drop the completed application into my inventory [Sprinkle Static] and I will review your store and let you know if you are accepted.  Thank you for your interest in being in an Just For Kids Hunt!